With about a hundred accomplished projects online, the team’s expertise has been developed efficiently over more than 10 years. Spanning from Europe to the Middle East and going through North America, Ze Agence has a global vision on the evolution of international online communication.

Actively involved at the heart of Web 2.0, the Ze Agence Team is present in many of Montreal’s social media communities, among which the Île Sans Fil organization, Yulbiz, the business bloggers meet-up, and Podcamp Montreal, a conference on podcasting and social media.

Its founder, Laurent Maisonnave, hosts a number of notable video podcasts.

Among others:

Laurent Maisonnave has writing several articles on the revolution of social media and on internet video as a means for business communication strategies. He is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in marketing and technology. He regularly shares the fruit of his thoughts and discoveries on his blog, Zelaurent.com.